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In the Garhwal Himalayas, Rudranath, Lord Shiva’s highly revered temple, peacefully decorated. In the Panch Kedar pilgrimage circuit, it is the fourth temple. Within the rhododendron woods and alpine meadows, the heavenly temple is snuggled in. Either Sagar village, Helang or Urgam village will launch the exciting Rudranath trek. Rudranath Trek 2020.

Rudranath temple is the hardest to reach when compared to other Panch Kedar temples. The peaks of the Himalayas which add to Rudranath ‘s glory are Nanda Devi, Trishul and Nanda Ghunti. Rudranath Trek 2020


Rudranath Trek 2020
Rudranath Temple

Why you should Plan Rudranath Trek?

The Trekking route to Rudranath Temple offers awe-inspiring views of the diversified beauty of nature and the deep gorges that make the place all the way more intresting. Rudranath Temple is one of the toughest to reach in comparison of other Kedar’s like Tungnath, Madhmaheswar, Kalpeshwar,etc. but it is worth the pain as one can see the Glorious Nanda Devi, Trishul and Nanda Ghunti Peaks. The trail passes through the wild grassy meadows, the thick woodlands and offers beautiful views of the Himalayas.

You can include in the pleasant morning aarti in the Rudranath Temple which generally starts from 8 A.M in the morning and the evening aarti takes place at 6.30 P.M, everyday.

There are mainly three routes of Rudranath Trek, and every route offers a beautiful Landscape and Natural beauty.

Rudranath Trek 2020
Beautiful View of Himalaya


Activities in Rudranath

You can visit the Local Temple in Sagar while travelling. You must visit the lovely bugyals such as Lyuti and Panar Bugyal while traveling. Also explore the natural beauty of the Himalayas at Pitra Dhar.

Rudranath Temple 2020
Pitra Dhar


Staying facility in Rudranath

As the reserved Shiva Shrine is situated at the higher elevation, the accommodation maintained by the Mandir Committee and also some Home-stay are situated by the locals, their is no other option for stay in Rudranath. Some Trekkers take their own Tent and camp near the temple in the night clear sky.  Accommodation are availabe at Sagar, Lyuti Bugyal, Panar Bugyal and Urgam which are en-route in Trek.

Rudranath Trek 2020
Beautiful view of Snow Covered mountains


Mythology about Temple

Rudranath Temple is the Fourth temple in the series of holy Panch Kedar. After killing Cousins at war by Pandav. They started their journey to Lord Shiva to wash their sins. Lord Shiva was angry on Pandav because they kill thier Cousins in the war.

Therefore, Lord Shiva disguised in the form of the Bull (Nandi) and disappeared into the ground with different parts of the body appearing at various places. The Pandavaas built temple at all the places where his body parts seems by Pandavaas and Worshipped him to please him. And that’s how Rudranath Temple was built.

Rudranath Temple 2020
Rudranath Ancient Temple


Rudranath Trekking Routes

Trek Route 1: From Helang-Urgam-Kalpeshwar-Dumak-Bansi Narayan-Panar-Rudranath

Trek Route 2: From Mandal Village-Anusuya Temple-Hansa Bugyal- Naola Pass- Rudranath

What is Rudranath Famous for?

Rudranath Temple is famous among Tourist as Temple, Panch Kedar, Trekking, etc.

Trek is recommended for Couples, Foreigners, Groups, Solo, etc.

Rudranath is famous for following activities/interests – Adventure, Monuments of National Importance, Panch Kedar Pilgrimage, Trekking, Yoga and Meditation.

Rudranath Temple 2020

Opening and Closing Date of Rudranath Trek 2020

Temple opened in 18 May 2020.

Closing Date Of Temple: Temple will be closed on 18 October 2019.  The closing date of 2020 season updated soon.

Rudranath Temple 2020
Snow Covered mountains in Rudranath Temple



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